Lest We Forget

šŸ“»Ā Listen to this article for free: In every era,Ā certainĀ individuals emerge who, through their reckless defiance, challenge the very foundation of governance and societal norms. These radicals take government opposition to the extreme. They show little respect...

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Christ is King. Oops, am I Fired?

šŸ“»Ā Listen to this article for free: anĀ·ti-SemĀ·iĀ·tismnounanti-SemitismĀ (noun) Ā·Ā antisemitismĀ (noun)hostility to or prejudice against Jewish people.A word with a very simple, very straight forward meaning. And yet, its definition seems to be evolving to something like:anĀ·ti-SemĀ·iĀ·tismnounanti-SemitismĀ (noun) Ā·Ā antisemitismĀ (noun)ideological disagreement...

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