Sunday, February 25, 2024


Why I started The Real Republic

I started this thing because I’m a husband and father with 3 young kids and every day, I witness our corrupt, anti-American Uniparty government pursue the managed collapse of our republic. The current invasion is leading us to destruction, and something must be done. I figure a shitty website is a start. American patriots can come here, read short articles, and have confirmation they aren’t alone in thinking that we are witnessing madness.

I have no political aspirations whatsoever. I just want to do my part in the movement to save America. It’s our responsibility to stand up. It’s our civic duty. I’m tired of watching the news and my only recourse is to cuss and shake my head.

This is our damn country and if we don’t take it back, our kids won’t have one.

Patriots who can no longer sit idly by and witness the shameless lies coming from our politicians’ mouths being parroted by the lame-stream media and its no-nut journalists need a place where they can get some good reads on the stuff they care about.

What you won’t get at The Real Republic:

  • Leftist, globalist, neocon, or otherwise dogshit poison

What you will get at The Real Republic:

  • America First, from a regular dude’s perspective

Note: If critical comparison of Thucydides and Herodotus keeps you up at night, I’ll just be honest, you’re probably better off reading Victor Davis Hanson.

I’m wide open to constructive feedback/criticism or if you would like to post an article, email me at We’ll talk about the ideas you have and how we can work together!

Who wants ice cream!?

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